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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Warren! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Warren, MI. Apart from helping our customers get rid of the wildlife animals in their house, we at our company want to make sure that the animals will be rehabilitated before we release them back to the wild. If you are concerned about the welfare of the animals, but you still don’t want them inside your house, we offer the perfect solution. We understand how scary it is to discover a wild animal inside your home. Apart from the damages that they can cause, recent events proved that the zoonotic diseases that they carry could kill hundreds of thousand and infect millions of people worldwide. As people who have been working in this field for years, we are armed with the right protective gear that will keep us safe. Our primary objective is to remove the animals from the community and return them to their natural habitat. We take our job seriously. As much as possible, we require a very minimum amount of participation in our customers on our wildlife-related services. All types of physical interaction with wild animals are discouraged. We inform our clients with the possible health threats and dangers they can pose before we start with our service. We also advise them to keep their pets and kids away from the animals. Call us now at 586-838-1540 for your Warren wildlife control needs.

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Warren Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Best Baits to Use for Michigan Rats - Save Your Time and Read This!

A rat infestation will be enough to deprive us with a good night rest. We will be worried that the Warren rat might get into our bedroom while we are asleep. In order to deal with them appropriately, trapping would be an excellent solution. Unfortunately, rats have a cautious nature that makes it difficult to capture them with traps. To boost the effectiveness of your traps, you will have to think about the proper placement and choosing the best bait.

The Best Baits When Catching Rats

In case you are wondering what type of baits can help you capture the Michigan rat, we listed some of the most effective foods that the rats will find irresistible. Most of these foods are accessible which allows you to set-up your traps in an instant.

Peanut Butter

Most of the wildlife removal experts will attest to the efficacy of the peanut butter. According to most experts, the peanut butter will be more effective in luring the rats than cheese. The strong scent that is released by the peanut butter is incomparable. The sticky properties of the peanut butter prevent that rat from pulling them out of the trap. Just a half teaspoon of peanut butter would be enough to draw the attention of these pesky critters.

Warren Dog Food

If you do not have peanut butter in your house, the next best option would be dog food (preferably the wet types). It contains the same properties of the peanut butter. The aroma of the dog food has the capacity to capture the interest of the rats. It is also sticky which prevent the rat from snatching the bait and escaping out of the trap. Tiny amount of the dog food should be sufficient to capture a rat. Be sure to place this away from your pets.

Dried Fruits and Candies

The dried fruits are releasing the powerful odor that makes it effective bait for Michigan rats. Any types of dried fruits can increase the efficacy of your trap. It is packed with nutritious elements and has a sweet taste that will help you capture the rats. The chocolate candy is also tempting in the eye of the rats. It would be difficult for them to ignore the presence of the candies.


Bacon has that distinctive odor and taste that can attract the attention of the rats. Simply tie a tiny piece of bacon into the trap to prevent the rats from snatching it. If possible, look for a trap where the spring mechanism will immediately activate if the bait has been disturbed.

These foods will help you increase the possibility of controlling the population of the Warren rat. However, if you are dealing with a full-blown infestation, simple traps may not be sufficient. Perhaps, it is time for you t o seek the help of a specialist. They have a range of methods that will ensure you that all the rats hiding inside your house will be evicted. They can also guarantee that future rat infestation will be prevented.