Most Humane Ways to End a Warren Caged Skunk's Life

When there is a shortage on the available food, the skunk will attack our Warren chicken coop. It is also not uncommon that our pets will be in conflict with them. They will not be merciful when releasing their obnoxious spray. The children that are playing in your yard may startle the creature that may expose them to danger. It is essential to get them out of your property at once to avoid these dangers.

Ways to Eliminate the Skunk inside the Cage

After trapping them, you might be disappointed to know that in some areas you are not allowed to relocate them. Your only option perhaps to stop the infestation is to kill them humanely. Let us discuss the different ways on how you can end their lives humanely.

Shooting the Skunks

This method will not be possible if you cannot restrict the movement of the Michigan skunk. Since they are in the cage, this would be feasible. Before you pull the trigger, check the local legislation about the use of firearm. Normally, this will not be allowed if you live in a densely-populated area. Furthermore, there is a chance that the bullet might ricochet so be sure that you have experience in firing a gun. Shooting it in the head will bring a swift death to the creature. If you do this the proper way, the creature will not even feel pain.

Lethal Injection

Another humane method that you can use to kill the skunk would be lethal injection. This method may be a bit complicated than the use of firearms since this requires expertise. A drug that relaxes the muscle of the skunk will be first injected that will place the creature in a calm state. After that, a drug that stop the heart muscle will be administered that will end the life of the poor creature. Before taking the skunk in the veterinary's office, be sure to call them first. Not a lot of veterinary will offer this service due to the risks that it entails.

Gas Chamber

You can also take the Michigan skunk at the local Warren wildlife center where they can humanely end the life of the skunk with the use of a gas chamber. The creature will be placed in the chamber and will be filled up with CO2. As their oxygen level lowers down, they will gradually fall into sleep. Their oxygen will be replaced with CO2 that will cause asphyxiation. 

Using the inhumane method might be more convenient such as poison but realize that these methods are considered illegal. Aside from the fact that you are causing the animal with an unnecessary suffering, you are also using the poison beyond the instruction of the manufacturer. Poisons are indiscriminate killer and will expose your children and pets to the same danger. Choose the humane method that only involves minimum to no risks. It will not be detrimental to your health and the skunk will have a peaceful and painless death.

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