The Warren Bat's Maternity Colony Ultimate Guide and What it Means for You

During the breeding season of the Warren bats, the mother bat will form a colony known as maternity colony. This is a temporary colony that is primarily composed of mother bats that are nurturing their little bats. Once the baby has reached their maturity, they will leave the colony and the maternity colony will be dissolved. The size of this colony will vary according to the type of species. Some of them may contain ten while others can form a colony that is composed of 15 million bats.

The Benefits of Forming the Maternity Colony

The Michigan bats that are located in the temperate regions will benefit largely in the formation of the maternity colony. As we all know, the bats require warmth which is why they choose the highest area of the cave. By forming a colony with other bats, they will be able to enjoy the thermal advantage. 

Conserving Energy

When the temperature reduce down to the optimal level, there are Michigan bats that will go through hibernation in order to conserve energy. This is a process known as ‘torpor' that can be detrimental to the reproduction of the female bats since it delay the development of the embryo. This may also affect their capacity to produce milk. This is why it is necessary for the mother bats to keep their temperature at an ideal level. Creating a maternity colony will reduce the use of their energy.

Keeping them Safe

By huddling with the other bats in the maternity colony, they would be able to keep their body warm which makes the colony a safe place to nurture the little bats. It provides the female bats with the privacy that they need to ensure that their young ones are protected since they are vulnerable and small. During the early period, the mother bats will stay close to their baby. They will provide them with warmth and food. As they grow older, the mother bat will leave the baby to hunt foods thus they need to guarantee that they are leaving the babies at a secured roost.

The Risks of Joining Warren Maternity Colony

While it may deliver benefits to the mother Michigan bats, a maternity colony also comes with risks. Their predators which include the owls and the hawks will definitely anticipate the emergence of these bats a few minutes after sunset. The smaller colony of the bats will pose lesser risk compared to the large ones. This is due to the fact that their emergence will capture less attention.

The maternity colonies of the Warren bats are protected under our federal law. This is because of the capacity of the bats to keep the population of the harmful insects in control. This means that you are not allowed to disturb the colony as well as the pups or you will be punished by the authorities. In case you found a maternity colony in your house, you will have to tolerate it for a few months before they will voluntarily leave your property.

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